Predator-proof Corrals

Corral invasion by snow leopards is a major cause of mortality for domestic livestock such as goats and sheep. Snow leopards often enter these traditional corals, and engage in “surplus killings”. This loss of livestock is detrimental and invokes a retaliatory action from these farmers.  In addition to livestock insurance, farmers can make a request to BWCDO for the materials and labor necessary to build predator-proof corrals. These corrals are made of stone, mesh wire, and wooden or iron beams, and unlike traditional corrals, they have roofs. If properly maintained, they are effective at keeping a variety of predators, including snow leopards, out. These corals discourage farmers from retaliating against snow leopards and instead encourage them to collaborate more closely with the BWCDO.So far, bwcdo has built 70 of these corrals which house over 25,000 livestock.