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Our Mission

BWCDO works with remote communities throughout Baltistan in Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan region. Their work currently covers over 20 villages across six valleys: Basha, Braldu, Basho, Rondu, Thalay, and Hushe. The number of households per village ranges from 40 to 170 and is large without basic amenities such as electricity, telecommunication towers, proper road networks, hospitals, and schools. Additionally, the region is subject to harsh winters, with heavy snowfall and temperatures dropping to well below -40°C, further limiting access via road networks.

Our Initiatives

  • Snow Leopard Population Monitoring
  • Community Managed Livestock Insurance schemes
  • Predator-Proof Corrals
  • Livestock Vaccination
  • Conservation Education

Our Contributions

Livestock Vaccination

In a complementary effort to reduce livestock mortality, BWCDO carried out two rounds of a…

Conservation Education

BWCDO partners with Iqra Fund, a U.S.-based nonprofit, to provide access to quality education for women…

Partners And Donors